Removing the effect of captagon

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Removing  the effect of captagon (Treatment, Captagon effect ,captagon toxicity)

What are the caption pills?  Captagon is a type of grain that has a tonic effect on the nervous system, the scientific name of the captagon is amphetamine, and amphetamine many derivatives, including Captagon,

captagon toxicity

Captagon pills spread in the sports community and among school and university students Because of its stimulant effects on the nervous system, and one of the most popular methods of use is that they are taken orally.

Captagon addiction is prevalent in the countries of Asia, Central Asia, Europe, and Saudi Arabia, as well as spread in the rest of the Arab world by some extent.

Remove the effect of Captagon and get rid of Captagon in the urine and other things that concern many young people, adolescents, university students and schools and they are the most abusive groups of those narcotic pills that lead to addiction so we will learn in this article on the treatment of Captagon and remove its effect in the body.



The effect of Captagon on mind and body functions

Captagon or amphetamine has a devastating effect on the mind and body functions. Captagon causes auditory and visual hallucinations, loss of appetite and weight loss, as well as dark circles around the eyes and pallor of the face, swelling of the lips, dry skin, and sensitivity to light due to dilated pupils,  It also causes the destruction of cells of the nervous system.

Captagon causes inability to sleep and stay up for long periods as it is primarily stimulant, and this is one of the most important reasons for the rapid deterioration of the condition of the captagon addict, not getting enough sleep.

Captagon causes the so-called susceptibility, as the body gets used to the dose the addict takes, and needs to increase it over time, to give the same effect, so Captagon users may start taking one tablet a day and end up taking ten or more tablets to get the same result.


Treatment of Captagon Addiction

The first stage of the treatment of captagon addiction:

This is the withdrawal phase, which is rid of the body of the anesthetic poisons Captagon in which this stage is starting to stop addict on the Captagon, but in a gradual manner to reduce the amount of Captagon in the body, which makes withdrawal symptoms begin to appear after the addict on the Captagon such as irritable mood and excess nervousness and sleep disorders and a sense of inactivity  The period in which withdrawal symptoms remain from person to person may vary from two to four days, but completely fade after the end of the sixth day of the first stage of treatment of addiction Captagon.

The doctor prescribes some medications for the patient, which helps to alleviate the pain caused by the withdrawal of Captagon and rid the body of toxins and prescribe other drugs that compensate the body for all lost fluids, and this stage is very important in the treatment of addiction Captagon.

The second stage of treatment of Captagon addiction:

Is the stage of psychotherapy for captagon addicts and this phase is characterized as the most important stages through which to treat the addiction of Captagon, because it is working to stop psychological problems, which was the main reason that led the patient to the demand for Captagon addiction, and these psychological problems were resolved and then given him a chance  Provides the patient with all his stress and the freedom of relaxation, meditation,and healthy sleep in order to ensure an effective and correct solution of psychological problems in the treatment of addiction Captagon, also includes treatment at this stage of treating addiction to Captagon Sports Therapy to try to recover the addict  His strength and activity again.


The duration of the effect of captagon in the body

Usually, the effect of captagon in the body lasts for up to four days to a week, but it is necessary to know the amount taken from the substance of the captagon and the need to drink large amounts of water to try to expel toxins through the urine and neutralize the captagon.

The duration of the action of Captagon in the body varies depending on the duration of the patient’s treatment of this drug and also due to the effect of the drug on the patient’s body, whether psychotherapy, medication, herbs, or through methods of treatment by specialists.

It is known that the duration of the Captagon in the urine for a period ranging from four days to a week or 6 days.

And also the age of the person through which we know the duration of the Captagon in the urine and also the duration of stay in the body as the nutrition system works to determine the duration of the Captagon in the body.


Remove the effect of captagon from the body

Helps physicians addicted to remove the action of Captagon from their bodies, and cleanse them of all toxins and drugs, and provide them with the psychological support they need.Peptagon or amphetamine is withdrawn from the body of the addict in the so-called detox step  or purify the body of toxins, and then appear withdrawal symptoms, which doctors relieve With permanent care and regular follow-up around the clock, after the completion of that period the patient undergoes programs of psychological rehabilitation and behavioral modification to help him manage the life  after the treatment of addiction in the best way.

It is also possible to remove effect the captagon and get rid of it through urine. It is important to drink large amounts of water, juices, and diuretics in order to help get rid of the captagon through the urine; also can remove the effect of the captagon by drinking the milk also works to neutralize any poisonous substance and reduce the effect  Any anesthetic.


It is more important to follow up with the patient and care after treatment through doing any work loved ones.

Also, stay away from bad friends who make it due to addiction again so exercise to increase physical activity.



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