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The best addiction treatment centers


The best addiction treatment centers

One of the most important things that an addiction patient should focus on before starting an addiction treatment journey is to choose an addiction treatment center where they will receive treatment.

After the addict has a desire to recover, he tries to join any of the addiction treatment centers to end the tragedy in which he lives and the suffering that disturbs his life and the lives of the people around him,So the most important steps that an addicted person should pay attention to in their recovery journey are “how to choose an addiction treatment center, Medical Center for Psychiatry and Addiction Treatment One of the centers of treatment of addiction in Egypt, which treats patients with addiction in Egypt and in all Arab countries, but what distinguishes the Medical Center for Psychiatry and Addiction treatment from other centers of addiction treatment and treatment centers for addicts in Egypt and the Middle East there is no doubt that their Criteria through which the Medical Addiction Treatment Center will be distinguished from other addiction treatment centers in Egypt and the Arab world, This is what we will recognize during the following themes.

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Types of addiction treatment centers

There are two types of addiction treatment centers: internal addiction treatment centers and external addiction treatment centers:

First: Internal addiction treatment centers

In which the addiction patient stays for a sufficient period of treatment in which the person moves away from family and work and devotes himself to receiving treatment at a rehabilitation center in a therapeutic environment that helps to recover from addiction through psychotherapy and drug treatment programs that take place in the treatment centers of addiction which qualifies him psychologically and behaviorally to deal with life and face  Challenges, adaptation and adaptation to the new environment after getting out of the world of addiction and dealing with helping recovering addicts not to set back after the treatment of addiction.

Second: External addiction treatment centers

In external addiction treatment centers, drug addicts, alcoholics are treated at the Addiction Treatment Center through the Addiction Treatment Doctor through the psychological sessions that take place and attend therapeutic sessions.  without stopping work and do not leave the parents, but abide by all instructions that tell the attending doctor.


Addiction treatment hospitals in Egypt

Addiction is one of the wars directed at countries and societies in order to drown their youth in the path of addiction and the trap of abuse, especially among the peoples of the third world and the widespread ignorance and camp on a wide range of individuals, which makes it easier for drug dealers  to sell those moody and cheap goods and destroy the minds of young people, Drugs This cancer is aimed at the absence of the minds of young people and adolescents who are the builders of the future and tomorrow’s men and sow fear in their hearts as an alternative to the use of aircraft and military forces has become hit communities with toxins of drugs and their ability to destroy greater and the effect is stronger and wider, It targets the youth of the Arab and Islamic community with narcotics, understanding the fuel of the nation towards progress. There are hidden hands tampering from the outside and their collaborators from the inside in order to eliminate the human element.  There are no minds thinking or objects, strong, capable of resistance and confrontation.


How much does it cost to treat addiction in private clinics?

The prices of addiction treatment clinics vary according to many criteria and variables, but in general, the prices of addiction treatment in Egypt are much lower but not comparable to many neighboring countries. There are psychiatric and addiction treatment centers in Heliopolis, whether addiction treatment centers in Nasr City or addiction treatment centers in  Fifth Compound and the prices of addiction treatment centers in Maadi does not exceed the cost of treatment during the week 2000 pounds, including accommodation, food and medical supervision and treatment in the center, As for the prices of treatment of addiction are as follows: –

If the patient and his or her family have a desire to deal with an addiction treatment doctor or through an external addiction treatment center, the person is directed to the recovering anonymous addictive fellowship meetings; in order to learn how to scale the idea and deal with negative thoughts, and learn to deal with this life problems in  The participation of his physician or therapist in the centers of external addiction treatment, As for the cost of addiction treatment in that case, according to the agreement with the therapeutic center of the value of the disease with the psychotherapist or doctor addiction treatment, Which prevent the arrival of drugs to the body and invalidate the drug in the brain and the price of an addiction treatment capsule is known, and maybe taken through intravenous injection or through the mouth as desired by the person, although the implantation of a subcutaneous capsule for the treatment of addiction is the safest.

In the case of the prices of addiction treatment and the cost of treatment of addiction at the doctor, which is known as the treatment of addiction medically, the detection of the doctor ranges between 300 to 600 pounds according to the experience of the doctor, And be analyzes or medication treatment of addiction that request other than the price of the therapeutic series, and we at the Medical Center for Psychiatry and Addiction Treatment offer the best doctor of addiction treatment with great experience in the field, which is Dr. Amr Yousry for the addict


Addiction treatment at home

Talking about addiction treatment centers makes us touch on the idea that dominates many people, namely the idea of ​​treating addiction at home and the reasons that led many people to think about treating drug addiction at home and stay away from addiction treatment centers free of charge or private treatment centers,In many societies there is still the idea that the addict is a criminal and that it brings shame to the family. In the case of identifying someone addicted in the family, it is a shame and disgrace on the family, so families want to treat drug addicts at home away from the world of addiction.

Another reason for the treatment of addiction at home is the high prices of addiction treatment clinics, but through Medical Center, the best addiction treatment center, the road to recovery is strictly confidential and with the lowest cost of addiction treatment in Egypt and the Middle East does not make the material cost an obstacle to your recovery.

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