Voodoo withdrawal symptoms

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Symptoms of voodoo withdrawal from the body

What is Voodoo? strox drug

Voodoo is one of the strongest types of narcotic substances that invaded Egypt and the Middle East, where voodoo is a kind of industrial drugs, which consists of chemicals only and does not have any natural composition, so it is one of the strongest drugs that strongly affect the minds and bodies of our young people and daughters and Recent studies have proven that voodoo drug is one of the strongest and most dangerous types of drugs did not occur from addiction is considered the treatment of the most difficult types of treatment, because in the case of treatment appear the most difficult in the treatment is the withdrawal symptoms of voodoo, which in many cases lead to the failure of treatment or even death without cause .

It is worth mentioning that the voodoo drug is used mainly in the manufacture of medicines to treat animals, Voodoo drug has been adopted the most dangerous types of drugs because it is composed of several unknown chemicals, these chemicals are prepared by experts and specialists in chemistry and specialists in Genetic sciences.

Voodoo is Mind stimulant chemicals that are either splashed on dried, shredded plant material so they can be smoked or marketed as fluids to be evaporated as well as inhaled in e-cigarettes as well as other gadgets. These items are also known as herbal or fluid incense.


These chemicals are called cannabinoids due to the fact that they resemble chemicals found in the cannabis plant. Because of this resemblance, artificial cannabinoids are often misleadingly called  “phony weed”, and they are frequently marketed as secure, lawful alternatives to that drug. In fact, they are not risk-free and also might impact the mind a lot more powerfully than marijuana; their actual effects can be unpredictable and, sometimes, more harmful or even life-threatening.


What is strox

“strox” is a new substance that depends on its synthesis on certain chemicals related to addictive properties,

Such as cannabis and some opiates, as well as atropine, hyoscyamine, and hyoscine,

These materials are mixed together to form a light green material.

It is basically a drug used to calm black

The name “strox” is the Egyptian name for this type of drug,

In America it is known as “Key 2” or “Spicy”, and this type of drug falls under the heading of synthetic cannabinoids.

What are the components of Voodoo

What are the components of Voodoo

synthetic cannabinoids, “Voodoo” become part of a group of medicines called brand-new psychedelic substances (NPS). NPS are unregulated mind-altering materials that have become freshly offered on the market and are meant to create the very same impacts as controlled substances. Some of these compounds might have been around for many years yet have actually reentered the market in transformed chemical kinds, or because of renewed popularity.


– The basic drug of voodoo called ketamine can be obtained from drug ampoules dedicated to anesthetize animals for surgery.

– When extracting that substance is mixed with a mixture of toxic chemicals, and there are mixed with insecticides.

– And then mix those ingredients aromatic plants Kalbarqosh, and there is mixed with tobacco and then take the drug in its final form, and becomes close to the banjo and hashish as we have already noted.


For several years, Voodoo combinations have been easy to acquire in medication stuff stores, as well as over the internet.


Due to the fact that the chemicals made use of in them have no medical advantage and also a high potential for abuse, authorities have made it unlawful to sell, purchase, or have several of these chemicals. Nonetheless, suppliers attempt to avoid these legislations by altering the chemical solutions in their mixtures.

Easy gain access to and also the belief that artificial cannabinoid items are “all-natural” and also for that reason harmless, have likely contributed to their use amongst youngsters. Another factor for their proceeded usage is that conventional drug examinations can not quickly find a number of the chemicals used in these items.


What is the price of voodoo

What is the price of voodoo

It is regrettable that voodoo addiction is widespread among young people, as voodoo is sold in the form of medium-sized bags, which have spread widely among young people of all classes, due to its affordable price

Voodoo withdrawal symptoms

Voodoo, as studies have shown in this field, consists of chemicals that are prepared by chemists in chemical laboratories. Voodoo addicts bear the symptoms of voodoo withdrawal due to their severity on the body.

Therefore, we will talk in detail about the symptoms of voodoo withdrawal and the danger to which voodoo addicts are surrounded when starting their addiction treatment.

Physical voodoo withdrawal symptoms

Physical voodoo withdrawal symptoms:

The symptoms of voodoo withdrawal are very similar to withdrawal symptoms from any other anesthetic drug and its painful symptoms and need strong will and high morale in order to endure, because when the addict stops taking the substance after the body gets used to it and is running in his blood It is difficult to withdraw from it, eliminating that addiction and that substance permanently without serious symptoms experienced by the addict during the period of voodoo withdrawal and these symptoms are painful in some cases, and can lead the patient to think of suicide.

The most important symptoms of voodoo withdrawal are those physical symptoms

  • a tremor in the patient’s limbs
  • pain in the joints and bones
  • the patient’s body secretes excessive amounts of sweat during the withdrawal of Voodoo
  • nausea
  • headaches
  • vomiting
  • irregular heartbeat
  • increased blood pressure

Symptoms of psychological voodoo withdrawal:

As for the symptoms of the withdrawal of psychological voodoo

the feeling of anxiety

the tension that engulfs the patient

increased nervousness and sharpness on his part in words and deeds

increased movement in the patient clearly

insomnia and inability to sleep

The stages of voodoo withdrawal without pain

The stages of voodoo withdrawal without pain:

The first stage:

Prevent this drug Voodoo from the patient permanently for a whole week, and give him other narcotics that are lighter in effect than Voodoo, by a medical team at an addiction treatment center so that you can control the symptoms of voodoo withdrawal that affects the addict.

The second phase:

The physician must make sure that the patient has completely completed the first stage has been rid of his body of toxic substances fully to be ready to enter this second stage in which the patient is rehabilitated psychologically and socially and return to continue his normal life again, through teamwork with the patient under the supervision of the treatment team and here only the patient has all overcome the symptoms of voodoo withdrawal from his body has been cured.

How to get rid of painful voodoo withdrawal symptoms:

There is a modern technology that makes the body get rid of toxins that have become part of it painlessly, and this is the practice in developed countries based on modern technology, and the doctor treating the patient Voodoo to give the patient alternative things in that case useful to bear the pain that can be exposed The patient is addicted as a result of voodoo withdrawal symptoms.

Voodoo withdrawal symptoms during treatment

  • Severe throat congestion is a symptom of voodoo withdrawal, as this chemical narcotic affects the throat and erodes cells in this area.
  • Significantly dilated pupils with severe redness of the face, a symptom of mild voodoo withdrawal.
  • Different tone of voice and a severe change in the tone of the voice of users of voodoo substance of the most prominent symptoms of withdrawal of voodoo where we find that this chemical works to erode the vocal cords of the person and change the tone of the voice accordingly.
  • Intellectual and visual hallucinations Hallucinations are a symptom of the use of various types of drugs, so it is not surprising that this is one of the strongest symptoms of voodoo withdrawal.
  • A state of general weakness and emaciation represented in the physical and intellectual weakness and the inability to make appropriate decisions for the individual in any of the situations that meet the individual in daily life are symptoms of voodoo withdrawal


symptom of voodoo withdrawal

Deterioration of the individual’s health, in general, is a symptom of voodoo withdrawal:

Voodoo abuse affects the general health of the individual. This is shown on all organs of the body. This substance destroys and breaks down kidney cells and works on kidney failure, in addition to disrupting the digestive system causing indigestion and persistent pain in the stomach and intestines, As well as what is caused by the withdrawal of voodoo  also from osteoporosis and erosion in the joints of the patient sometimes and all of these are symptoms of the withdrawal of voodoo that affects the addict during the treatment of voodoo addiction.=

Symptoms of voodoo withdrawal on the respiratory tract:

The respiratory system is also exposed to pain from the symptoms of voodoo withdrawal from the body, which works on the emergence of some signs of aging on the patient during that period, regardless of age group, which includes the feeling of fatigue at the least effort, and increase heartbeat clearly When walking, other symptoms of voodoo withdrawal are due to the transformation of the body into a state of general weakness and emaciation.

Imbalance of the individual is a symptom of voodoo withdrawal:

Imbalance and inability to walk normally are symptoms of substance abuse in general. Since voodoo is one of the strongest and most effective substances that affect the general health of the individual, it causes a significant imbalance in the individual and an imbalance in the movement as well. In addition to the inability to exercise the movement and normal activity carried out by the man in his daily life. Symptoms of voodoo withdrawal also include anemia, heavy limbs,


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