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What causes of drug abuse in young women Causes Treatment


What are the causes of drug abuse in young women and adolescents

What are the causes of drug  it may be strange in our Arab societies to talk about the treatment of girls addiction, but unfortunately it is a fact and painful reality has fallen thousands of girls, especially adolescent girls in the trap of drug addiction.

We must know the causes and symptoms of girls’ addiction and other axes on the file of treatment of girls’ addiction with the absence of sanatoriums to treat girls’ addiction in Egypt and the Arab world, We are facing a major problem and we must prevent our daughters from falling into the trap of abuse and drug addiction.

Therefore, the fall of the girl in the trap of abuse is not only harm, but suffering includes all, and therefore we must speed up the treatment of addiction of girls and women through centers and clinics to treat addiction in private and in strict confidentiality and through the special number for the treatment of girls addiction in the Medical Psychiatric Hospital in Egypt.  Anywhere through the Medical Addiction Treatment Number in Medical.


Causes of drug abuse in women

Talking about the causes of drug abuse of girls, we are talking about the most important themes of the treatment of girls addiction, as the identification of the causes, of causes. .

makes us on the gate to search for solutions to the addiction of girls with the societal view of the person addicted as a criminal, how if it comes to the girl, then things will get worse  We face many problems in the ways of treating addiction of girls because families refrain from staying the girl in a clinic to treat girls addiction and in strict confidentiality, so with the treatment of addiction girls at home occur many setbacks.

One of the reasons for the addiction of girls is the occurrence of couples in the trap of drug addiction as the wife tries to imitate the husband and experience what the husband is doing.

especially if the woman’s abuse of drugs because of sex, What promotes the existence of a relationship between tramadol and sex and what do tramadol and women, or cannabis, the drug of the most famous women have fallen into the trap of addiction and easier to enter this way, but what is more difficult to cure addiction and suffering in this way and here we say the wise saying that prevention is better than cure.


How Drug Addiction occurs to Girls?

As for the definition of addiction in girls does not differ from the definition of addiction in general is the inability of the girl to abandon the abuse of substances and drugs because of the habit and the body used to abuse those substances, In case of stopping the dose of drugs, there are many withdrawal symptoms that appear on the girl because of stopping these substances .

The body is accustomed to chemical or natural substances or synthetic materials until the girl or adolescent becomes unable to pursue her life.

And live without taking the dose of the drug but over time, the girl needs to increase the dose of drugs continuously to the desire and ecstasy experienced in the early stages of drug us

, Because the body of women as weak and therefore the symptoms of addiction when the girl is more pronounced, and the withdrawal symptoms of drugs in women are more serious and may lead girls to suicide because of the inability to bear the symptoms of drug withdrawal and the withdrawal of toxins from the body and therefore should be treated girls addiction through the best  Addiction treatment hospitals in order to bring the girl to safety away from the world of addiction and abuse.


Drug Addiction in girls and Compulsive abuse

Often the drug abuse of the girl for the experiment and under the pressure of bad companions and the absence of family control with the absence of religious motivation and other reasons that may lead the girl to experience drugs, especially in adolescence.

Over time, the girl has a desire to use the drug in increasing doses in order to obtain the euphoria she experienced before, where the effect of drugs decreases with the continuation of abuse and then become the girl’s ability to choose not to take drug users at risk.

The search for drugs becomes compulsory and compulsive action and this is due to the effects of the drug and its impact on the brain and long-term exposure to those toxins and the risks and damage to brain function as the girl’s addiction to drugs causes the impact of brain fragments and neurotransmitters responsible for behavior, feelings, motivation, and education.


The painful endings of addicted girls are either death, suicide or imprisonment!  Or be the path that we hope to take all the girls who have occurred in the world of addiction and methods of treatment is the treatment of girls ‘addiction through centers and clinics to treat girls’ addiction before it is too late.


Treatment of addiction for girls

As for the steps of treatment of addiction for girls are not different from the treatment of addiction to men, therapeutic methods are the same as the process of withdrawal of toxins from the body and treatment of withdrawal symptoms of drugs and dependence on medication addiction treatment in order to alleviate the symptoms of drug withdrawal from the body .

Especially that the girl is different from the man in the strength of endurance and lead to drugs to health problems more in women help medicines treatment of drug addiction in girls in the passage of the phase of detoxification and withdrawal phase safely without any complications.

One of the most famous medicines for the treatment of drug addiction, which has a significant role in reaching recovery and then maintain recovery and prevent relapse as they work to re-establish brain functions and return to the stage of pre-use and addiction.  Girls are addictive in addition to buprenorphine, which is an effective medicine in the treatment of addiction.

The stage of behavioral rehabilitation and psychotherapy At that stage and important pillar in the treatment of female addiction, which is after the expulsion of drug toxins from the body is not believed that the stage of withdrawal of toxins and treatment of drug.

withdrawal symptoms is the first and last stage in the recovery journey, Behavioral and, and psychological rehabilitation programs are important stages in the journey of treating girls’ addiction in order for the girl to return to normal life away from addictive behaviors.

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